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&#;After hinting at a 2017 release last year, the colorful Power Rangers-inspired SRPG Chroma Squad is now available on iOS, bringing team-based combat and studio management to mobile for £4.99 / $4.99.A group of actors, selected from a pool of various types with unique stats, decide to create their own Super Sentai-style show, and it's your job to make that dream happen, both in the studio and in battle.Outside of combat, you'll need to grow your studio, hiring staff and buying better equipment. But once the cameras start rolling, you control your heroes in faux world saving, fighting monsters in turn-based fashion and with powerful team-based abilities.

Game features:

1、While the popular Pokémon RPGs remain exclusive to Nintendo platforms it seems that indie studios will continue to feed the demand on iOS and Android.We had Monster Legacy and Micromon earlier this year. And now Prodigious Works has another one on the way. Yep, in 2015, it'll bring its 3D monster catching RPG Duel Revolution to iOS and Android.It seems to be a Pokémon RPG in everything but name. It even has the tagline, "Can you catch them all?"You wander around a modern fantasy world collecting and battling over 100 different monsters.You'll be able to fully customise your character, including their gender, skin colour, clothes, hair, and accessories.It'll also have online play with 1v1 tournaments and, perhaps, other battle formats - that much is yet to be set in concrete.The plan is to let you download it for free in early 2015. And then, every three months, a new chapter with new monsters, places, tournaments, characters, and events will be released.So, if you're an iOS or Android player looking for a Pokémon-style RPG, Duel Revolution might be the game you're after.You can find out more about it on its official website.&#;

2、King couldn't have made it too far into 2017 without releasing a new game, so make room on your phones for Bubble Witch 3 Saga.In case you couldn't tell Bubble Witch 3 Saga is the third installment in the Bubble Witch franchise. Rejoin your old pal and sassy witch, Stella, in her fight against Wilbur the lazy cat throughout a mass of bubble-shooting challenges.'But what's different?' I hear you ask. Though the mechanics continue from the previous games, you now have access to Stella's House - a place where you can help rebuild Stella's home by filling the star bar and collecting Star Dust.Aside from that there're new bubbles, boosters, and improved 'aiming line' which gives you more precise shots, and a bunch of special game modes.Check out the game free-to-play on the App Store or Google Play now.The Way Home(A lot of materials)Or any of my leisures ever charmed.

3、Could scape the hail of his all-hurting aim,�


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1、"Fol-de-rol," said Doctor Dave, but he spoke with less conviction than usual."A magic casement opening on the foam Of perilous seas in fairy lands forlorn,"


3、And often kissed, and often 'gan to tear;�


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