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Call of Duty®: Mobile - Garena(APK v1.0)

The Journey of Alvin is so pleasant that I had to share it despite it not being usual Pocket Gamer fare.It's an interactive narrative journey based on true events, ones that supposedly influenced film director David Lynch (Mulholland Drive, Twin Peaks).You follow Alvin on his old mower, which he uses to travel 400 miles to go see his brother. Everything you see and do is based upon what Alvin comes across on this journey.Interaction is very light, and the studio behind it have said that its intended more as an interactive move than a game. So don't expect any great challenge here.Instead, your interactions are more playful. You pull down a wire that birds are sat on to fling them in the air. You paint a rainbow and parts of the landscape. You also shake your tablet or phone to cause leaves to fall from trees..

GAME NAME Call of Duty®: Mobile - Garena

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com.sigmateam.Call of Duty®: Mobile -

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