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<p>NetEase Games and Artplay has launched Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night for iOS and Android devices, the mobile version of the successful Metroidvania that launched earlier on PC and consoles.</p><p>The game features a huge map to explore with over 120 unique mobs and bosses to defeat, with no compromises on visual quality or gameplay fidelity. In terms of changes to better suit the mobile interface, there&rsquo;s an overhauled UI and redesigned shard icons so they&rsquo;re much easier to use with touch controls. As an added bonus, this version of the game includes the downloadable content for no extra cost, making it the definitive edition of the game available on the go.</p><p>To celebrate the mobile release of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Artplay&rsquo;s Koji Igarashi released a special video message for fans of the game as well as a new trailer, which can be viewed below.</p>.

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A Hollow Doorway(lots of blocks)(MOD (Editor Unlocked, No ADS) v1.249):

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