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<p>Everest VR is an experience-based VR game which merges the experience of actually climbing the mountain and learning the history of past endeavours.</p><p>Though Everest VR launched last year on Steam VR/HTC Vive, Sólfar Studios is adding a new 'God Mode' to the game this year. This mode allows you to grow up to 1500 feet and tower over the mountain, viewing the paths taken by climbers and generally admiring the Himalayas' beauty.</p><p>Coming soon to Oculus, Everest VR incorporates the Oculus Touch in an intuitive way to experience the climb by actually using your mitted hands in-game as you would in real life. The majority of your movements are make by teleporting forward but it doesn't quite detract from the experience like you would think.</p><p>By working with the Royal Geographic Society, Sólfar Studios has also included details of the Hilary Experience, including photos along the mountain trail and tidbits of information. It's fascinating to feel like you're standing in the shoes of the trekkers, staring at the same sights they would see.</p><p>It won't be a title for everyone. Those lusting over action may find it rather dull, but for folks like myself who enjoy documentaries and anything historical, you may enjoy Everest VR's gentle and beautiful scenes.</p>.

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