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Ruben is sleepy is an odd high-score chasing arcade game. It's out now on iOS, just a week or so after its Android counterpart arrived.You control what is probably best described as a couch potato. This crown-wearing blob is the titular Ruben. And yes, it's a sleepy little thing.When it enters the land of nod in front of late night television, it dreams of falling endlessly through a floating stream of pink and blue TV sets.You have to tap the screen to turn the squiggles surrounding Ruben the colour that matches each TV set it hits - either pink or blue. If you get it wrong then it's Game Over.Nothing too exciting, then. But Ruben is sleepy deserves attention if only because it features many pictures of "funny cats" on those dreamy TV sets.I used quotation marks there as that's the Google Search term that is used to bring these pictures up inside the game..


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