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Now, I try not to complain about the price of games too much. For one thing, developers deserve to get paid for their work, and I don't buy into the idea that small indie games should charge less than AAA games and all that nonsense. But these Resident Evil re-releases have definitely gone a bit far.Listings for Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil HD, and Resident Evil 4 have cropped up on the Switch eShop, setting the price at £29.99 a pop. They don't have a price in the US yet, but you can probably expect them to be around $39.99 each.A quick history lesson - Resident Evil HD launched on the GameCube in 2002, the same year as Resident Evil 0. Resi 4 came a bit later in 2005. All of these games have seen multiple re-releases across many consoles over the last decade or more, including on current-gen consoles..

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