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Updated on September 25th, at 9:41pm: Frost's solo survival take is now available on the App Store.<p>You can purchase the game for £2.99 / $3.99 on iPad and iPhone.</p><p>When you think card game, multiplayer battlers like Hearthstone probably comes to mind. Frost eschews that in favor a man vs nature game of survival, available now on Android.</p><p>Set on an Earth beset by continent-spanning ice storms, you guide a group of survivors as they forage for supplies, seek shelter, and face the ruthless dangers of a frozen world.</p><p>The titular Frost is an ever-looming threat, as you move between regions, deck-building and drawing cards presenting events, weapons, characters, and other aspects along the way. Different difficulties, scenarios, and new cards unlock as you play.</p><p>Frost is available on Android for $4.49; an iOS version is coming soon and you can also find the game on Steam.</p>.

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com.sigmateam.gta sa 2.00

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