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The lost fable-horror games(escape room) Mod The lost fable-horror games(escape room) v11 mod Features:A large number of gold coins!An old house, burned down by fire twenty years ago, is still devouring the living like a chasm. What happened 20 years ago, I found a mysterious force in the room, it can let me travel through time, back to the past, whether I can uncover the truth of the year, let me explore it?Features:It seems simple, but you can't stop.Debunk all secrets, find escape hints!!!The battle of wits with developers is about to begin.Slack moment, you can only be doomed to fail.Characteristic of the game- a new interpretation with a dark horror background as the theme- stunning background music gives you an immersive experience- different from the dark terror of the current escape game- game coin given at intervals- simple user interface and inventory- absolutely free!Painted painted painted painted Tips- don't miss any details. A scrap of paper can hold clues to the story.- put the product in stock, observe, decompose and combine it, and you will get new tips.- break the chains of your mind. Sometimes intuition becomes the key.Common sense will help you a lot.- pay close attention and listen carefully. Sometimes sound is the key to escape.Painted painted painted painted the About UsFocus on us:

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