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Over the years we've seen games over every genre, but Demi Lovato – Zombarazzie Adventure is probably one of the weirder ones.Demi Lovato – Zombarazzie Aventure is a typical, but pretty, match-three puzzler in which you have Demi and her dog 'slay' hoards of the Zombarazzie as they follow her all over the place. I guess you're like a post-apocalyptic body guard.Where things stray from the norm is that this is a match-three puzzler (in case you'd forgotten that in 50 words), though you only need to match two monsters to progress through the level. It works in a similar way to Candy Crush, offering up special moves/power-ups, and in the later levels you have to help Demi get her dog(s) to the bottom of the screen.It's an innocent game with something charming about it, and it's currently on the App Store free-to-play..

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