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<p>Back in September 2013, former Harmonix guy Frank Washburn launched a Kickstarter for his 2D metroidvania Blood Alloy. It was unsuccessful.</p><p>But Washburn didn't give up, and now he's bringing a smaller version of the same game, called Blood Alloy: Reborn, to PS Vita.Reborn still features a hyper-agile cyborg soldier called Nia Rhys, who uses blades, guns, and a jetpack to fight robots. It's just a smaller, high-score focused take on the same idea.</p><p>You're placed in levels where enemies respawn and will have to build a combo multiplier to get a decent score. That involves being fast, deadly, and accurate with your strikes.</p><p>However, Reborn has a stamina system, and so you'll have to work around the limits that it places upon you.</p>.

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