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As reported by Konbakpao Ragnarok Battle Academy is a Battle Royale game that's set in the Ragnarok universe. It looks to be attempting to blend its MMO roots with the Battle Royale set up. There's no official release date yet but it will be launched in Thailand and other South-East Asian countries first.Ragnarok Battle Academy has a lot of the trappings of a BR game. You pick a location, drop down onto the map either on your own or in a squad and then must fight to survive in a circle that progressively smaller. The twist is that it will also throw in MMO progression to each round.After dropping into Prontera field you'll be able to take on bosses to level your character up as well as acquiring new equipment. Based on the UI you can see in the trailer below it appears that you'll have a weapon and three abilities relating to that weapon that operate on cooldowns..

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