Forest FREEMOD (Unlimited Money/Medals/Research Points) v2.3.2

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    The Farmer and His Sons"No, 'tisn't sour grapes," answered Captain Jim seriously. "Cornelia could have had her pick when she was young. Even yet she's only to say the word to see the old widowers jump. She jest seems to have been born with a sort of chronic spite agin men and Methodists. She's got the bitterest tongue and the kindest heart in Four Winds. Wherever there's any trouble, that woman is there, doing everything to help in the tenderest way. She never says a harsh word about another woman, and if she likes to card us poor scalawags of men down I reckon our tough old hides can stand it."�

    The Wolf and the Horse��


    The Thirsty PigeonSolitairicaThe abrupt change of subject shut the door on any further confidences.As often shrieking undistinguished woe,

    Change of habit cannot alter Nature.��




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