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Bandai Namco has updated the Gold Award-winning Ridge Racer Slipstream with new cars, tracks, and challenges for you to master.First off, this update adds four new Class 1 machines for you to rev into action:Kamata SynciKamata RC410Lucky Wild EvolverSoldat RaunaThere are also two new sun-kissed tracks for you to unlock and test out these new motors on called Seacrest District and Surfside Resort.New Masters’ Class 1 career mode challenges, Grand Prix's, Extreme battles, and achievements have also arrived.Lastly, aside from minor bug fixes, the update finally adds support for MFI controllers.In our review, we called Ridge Racer Slipstream an "almost perfect distillation of the last great console Ridge Racer with spot-on handling and a stunning engine."You can download Ridge Racer Slipstream on the App Store for free right now....

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