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<p>It's still early days (an idea and bits of concept art) but Crescent Moon has started working on a sequel to Mines of Mars.</p><p>Called Mines of Mars Andromeda, it'll directly follow the story of the first game and look to expand the game's mining-based platforming.</p><p>This will be achieved by allowing more open space exploration. Firstly, that means you'll get a ship to pilot. But it also means you'll be able to start digging into many more planets this time around.</p><p>But not only that, upon these various planets will be new species to encounter, evolved from entirely different cultures.</p><p>You can see a few of these alien creatures in the concept art around this page. Oh, and there will also be the expected increase in new weapons and items too.</p><p>Crescent Moon is aiming to get Mines of Mars Andromeda released in mid-2016. We'll let you know more about it once there's more to share.</p>.

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